Thursday, September 22, 2011

Google Calendar Training

Google calendar training took place this week, just wondering if teachers and administrations would like to share how they are see using google calendars. I believe we learn from each other, so if we share effective ways to use google calendars, we may stimulate more uses for all.
Some ways I'm using google calendars is posting my calendar on my website so teachers are able to see if I'm available to help them with their instruction. I've linked my calendar to my phone so I get reminders of all appointments which makes me very organized and well prepared for each appointment. I especially like the option of attachments so I can link a document to an event, I can see this as a very effective way to keep parents informed on assignments for students.


  1. The Middle School Choir websites are wiki pages in which you can link a google calendar straight to. I use this to keep parents updated with upcoming events. Check it out at either or

  2. I know many teachers that post assignments, due dates, homework, and other important activities on their calendars. Then they embed the calendar into their website, so students can access it at any time. It helps keeps parents and students updated.