Friday, January 27, 2012

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee met on January24 and 25th. We met for some training, along with collaboration on what technology should like within the Muscatine Community School District. Eighteen participants from all levels met at the board office. The objective was to define clearly what learning is and to set technology goals for the district. It became pretty evident that as a staff we define learning as active engagement that encourages reflection along with a process of obtaining new information. We began to set broad goals for technology. The exact wording is still to come but in general, the committee envisions technology to be integral part of all curriculum (not separate) but a seamless integration. We would still focus on standards and benchmarks of the area being taught and technology would just become a natural part of each lesson. We began discussion of how to obtain this natural infusion, it mostly came back to leveling the playing field of resources. We realize we have pockets of large integration and pockets of little to no integration of technology. Some of this is due to resources and others is due to lack of knowledge. As a committee how may we support both avenues? These are our underlying questions that will lead us in the future to a more advanced and knowledgeable staff. I am excited for the changes!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Apple hints at partnering with McGraw Hill

Rumors are floating that Apple is partnering with McGraw Hill. This suggests that textbooks will be available on the iPad. If this is true the recent purchases of iPads by the MCSD will become an even better investment. When textbooks are updated the newest versions will be accessible. The cost of textbooks will become way less. Also, we will be able to share purchased texts with 6 devices. I will continue to follow this story and where it may lead. I will attach the article so you may follow.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

iLife Training

The last couple of days the district had Apple trainers into to provide instruction on iLife products. Two representatives from each elementary and several from the middle and high school were able to attend. The training focused on iPhoto, GarageBand, and iMovie. The training was excellent and gave lots of good ideas of how to use all three applications in the classroom. I've added the notes from the training to my web-site feel free to check them out. I'll attach the link to my web-site. The notes are posted under tutorial documents on the side bar.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


Our last Professional Development was on "How to Create a Blog". Many staff members found it interesting and have started new blogs to share with students and the community. Blogging is such a great tool to improve writing skills along with enhancing communication. The technology department highlighted some MCSD teachers blogs, and the staff were able to see how Blogs were being used in many different ways. I'll attach the links to the blogs we highlighted feel free to check them out. Each of these blogs are being used uniquely to what fits the teachers classroom and curriculum.