Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Training and Time

Yesterday, I visited Waverly, Iowa. Their Middle School went one to one with iPads. I was able to interview a teacher while there. I received a lot of insight from her, training and time are key to making this amount of technology successful in the classroom. I knew this but, again it was confirmed. They decided as a district to allow their teachers select their own Professional Development. So, teachers would set a goal and use the Professional Development time to achieve that goal. With the realization that technology must be included in their PD goal. I asked the curriculum director, it seems that every teacher is highly motivated to integrate as much technology as possible. How can that be? I must admit even as a classroom teacher there were times that integrating took too much time and was scary. She responded, we are so progressive and have so much success that staff is eager to be in on the excitement. When you see success with students, its infectious. Well, I realized in order to keep technology moving progressively through our district, I must be very positive and wow the teachers and students. When you do this they'll  want to be a part of it. I must also, support them so its not too scary or time consuming. Technology is a tool to enhance curriculum and to be used for efficiency. With that in mind, I'm asking you to let me help you transition more technology into your classrooms!

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  1. I want to try to plan a project using Google Sketch-up for my ceramics class. Getting kids to plan is always a chore, and maybe using a new tool would help their motivation?