Tuesday, March 27, 2012

IPads for Preschool

Yesterday, I gave a tutorial to the Preschool teachers in the Muscatine Community. Debi Welk, Director of Early Childhood, invited me to give the tutorial to the Preschool staff. Each Preschool was given 6 iPads to use in their classrooms with students. Teachers were enthusiastic to implement the new technology. We discussed management of the device as well as how to investigate engaging apps for the device. I shared some apps that were free and appropriate for Preschool students. This sparked great collaboration among the staff and they shared apps they had found to be engaging as well. I found this to be very exciting, Preschoolers will be familiar with technology as they enter into Kindergarten. We know from research the more prepared a student is for the classroom the more successful they are in school. I think this is just one more way to prepare our students for the digital world. Congratulations Preschool teachers! I look forward to hearing how you are using the iPads in your instruction.