Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1:1 Implementation

Last night the 1:1 implementation of laptops for students in 6th -12th grade passed. The School Board followed a thorough investigation into the effectiveness of the implementation. In the end, they supported the implementation unanimously. Now, the real work begins! This will be a huge endeavor but the benefits to our students will far surpass our expectations. It will give all students opportunities to explore technology. Students will have access 24/7 verses the possibility of only having access when they are in a classroom with technology available. VERY EXCITING!! Can't wait to see what innovative projects and enhancements to curriculum occur due to the implementation. Congratulations Muscatine Community School District!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Reminder- Google Calendar

I want to remind teachers that Google Calendar has so many nice features. You may use the agenda view and set-up a daily schedule. Along with using this view you may link attachments or google documents including documents, spreadsheets, forms, and power points to your calendar appointments. Your calendar then is very easy to embed into a Google Site. Students would have immediate access to notes, presentations, and homework covered in class from anywhere internet is available. If you need instruction on how to use any of these cool features within Google Calendar, please feel free to contact me anytime for instruction or assistance.