Thursday, October 18, 2012

ITEC Conference

Monday and Tuesday several staff members from the Muscatine Schools attended the ITEC conference in Des Moines. Everyone walked away with a passion for technology. The conference consisted with two Keynote presentations and then several break out sessions for attendees to attend. I must admit some break outs were excellent while others were not as substantial. Everyone in the group took notes on what we could take back to our schools to help enhance instruction. I will attach the document of notes please feel free to check out the great resources we discovered through the conference. I took away several great apps to use like Voxer and WordLens. Voxer turns your smartphone into a walkie- talkie. WordLens translates signs in different languages to your preferred language. I made connections with Technology Integrationists from around Iowa and plan to collaborate with them once a month. I am very excited about this connection, I am hoping it will help me improve on working with all staff members and will give me ideas to share with everyone. I also learned about iTunes U where you can build your own courses to share via the iPad and iBooks author where you can create your own text books that will be shared via the iPad. All in All a great conference! Check out our notes and see what others learned as well!