Thursday, January 24, 2013

1:1 Progression

We know everyone has been very frustrated with our internet service lately. We believe the issues have been resolved and we should be receiving higher quality service from here on out. We will all keep our fingers crossed that no more issues arise. I have noticed that when service is running smoothly, integration within the classroom instruction is going quite well. Students 3rd grade - 12th grade are using Google Accounts to store and collaborate on assignments. Edmodo is being used as an interactive    site to conduct classroom instruction by several teachers in the district. iMovie projects have been used in foreign language rooms along with several other departments have used it for various projects. Powerpoint and Presentation have been used for many classrooms to share ideas and reports with their peers along with their teachers. Other classrooms are using digital portfolios to represent the learning that has taken place by each of their students. Digital Portfolios are also being used for each students showcase of projects and learning over the year or years they have attended Muscatine Schools. These are some ways that I have personally seen 1:1 being used within the school district. I am sure there are many more ways. Please feel free to comment on this blog and share some ways you are using the 1:1 to enhance instruction at Muscatine Schools.

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