Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Limiting Devices/Software/ Applications

We should never limit the technology devices/software/applications. New innovations are always being developed and what we may have found 1 year ago to be a great resource may already be replaced with new innovative technology tool. Students are always finding new resources that enhance their presentations or learning. It reminds me even when we take a technology resource away from students a new one is being developed or already out there to replace it. Quickly, students discover the new resource and start utilizing it. We currently have Facebook blocked due to inappropriate use and bullying. The students now have moved into the use of Twitter and yet again some problems have been arising from the use of this resource. We could block Twitter sure, but we will just be faced with a new application already out there that will replace Twitter. I am sure all of us can name a few new resources already popping up. The problem will continue unless we teach students the appropriate use of technology. I have provided the digital boot camp to all students but I can not do it alone. I need your help to teach students the appropriate use of technology and the ramifications when not used appropriately. When the students are well educated on digital citizenship the opportunities are endless. This will allow teachers to lead their classes in new innovative ways. Teachers will then be able to set goals for their curriculum and allow students to choose the device/software/app/website to achieve the goal. Granted teachers will need to be diverse in technology but students may end up teaching a variety of new resources that enhance instruction or make management easier for all of us. Setting limitations on resources may restrict students creativity and communication among the world. We should not be afraid of our students becoming leaders in the world of technology.

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