Monday, February 25, 2013

Google + - Google Hangouts

If you haven't upgraded to Google+, here are couple of reasons one might consider it. Google + is a great resource for educators to collaborate on educational trends. You can create and follow Google Communities. This allows you to share ideas on lessons, educational policies, new trends within education, and professional development. I have gotten many ideas from followers and people or organizations I follow. You may follow communities, but you also have the option to follow hashtags, people, themes, or pages.  Another excellent resource within Google+, is the option to create a hangout. In Google Hangouts you can connect to your google drive, screen share, chat, and video chat. These features are very useful in the 1:1 setting. I especially like the screen share option. As a teacher if I need to show something specific or how to navigate the computer or program I can share my computer screen with students to provide the instruction. You may even add apps to the hangout and access the apps through your hangout with students. An example would be the You Tube app. This would allow you to share a you tube video right with the students computers.

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