Friday, March 8, 2013

Reminders about Appropriate Use of District Devices

Muscatine Community School District decided to go One to One in grades 6-12 this year. It has been a very successful year. I just want to remind students when using the districts devices, one should remember they are owned by the school district and you should take care of it as it is not yours. Please keep the computer in the bag provided and be careful not to drop, close items in it, or carry by the screen. The chargers may be damaged if you aren't careful with the cords and you should wrap the cord loosely around the provided prongs. Mr. Hayes was generous enough to provide a tutorial video on how to wrap the cord around the adaptor. Please take a look at the Video. Students remember that your computer screens can and are monitored throughout the school day. I always remind students when using social media and the internet do not post or browse anything you would not browse or post if your guardian was standing next to you. I also remind if you wouldn't want it on the front page of the Muscatine Journal then you shouldn't post it. Students have done a phenomenal job about using the devices in appropriate ways and following the guidelines provided by the digital bootcamp and the student handbook. This Blog is just to remind students of the guidelines and appropriate use. Please feel free to review the Digital Bootcamp or the Student Handbook if you have any questions about appropriate use and guidelines of the 1:1 laptop program.

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