Monday, September 30, 2013

Thank You and Reflection of September 27th Tech PD

Friday September 27th Teacher Quality Day- went off with a bang. Staff was surveyed on how they felt the Technology Professional Development forum and sessions were received and how beneficial they were to staff. All comments were very positive and ratings for the the development were high. I would like to personally thank Jose Alvidrez and Felix Colon(Google +), Sara Alvidrez and Jame Hayes (Image editing), Scott Comstock and Rich Hines (Google Forms), Teresa Wyant (Bookshare), Matt Rivera (iMovie), Rachel Hansen (Wix), Dan Ramos and Staci Orr (Edmodo), Linda Brecht-Kwirant (Twitter), Brian Brock (PowerTeacher), Andrew Frost and Kyle Sustich (iPad Apps for Elementary), Andrew Prinsen (Lucid Chart), Christina Walker (Prezi), Jillian Allee (MAP reports) and of course myself Jacqueline Kilburn (Google Drive Organization).  Tentatively we are planning to hold another Professional Development like this one in April. If you would like to comment to this post please feel free to give ideas for some other sessions, which sessions you thought were particularly well done and would like to see offered again, and any other suggestions you may have. Once again thanks to all the presenters and the attendees! I couldn't of done it without all of you!

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