Thursday, November 21, 2013

Technology Integrationist Availability

Dear Teachers,
    So the school year is under way, I think I have met with almost every third, fourth, fifth grade classes in the school district setting up Google accounts. Now that things are slowing down, I just want every teacher to realize as you are planning your curriculum and making sure you are meeting all the common core standards please feel free to utilize my services. I could help you in your planning, when you are unwrapping the standards. Don't be afraid to ask what would be some great ways to teach these standards to my students using some innovative technology tools. This is my third year of being the technology integrationist. I am still learning each and every day but my repertoire of tech uses has increased tremendously and continues to and I am willing to discover along with each of you if there's a new tool I haven't used. Here are list of tech software, tools, I am pretty familiar with and could help with instruction in your classroom.

Google Drive- Docs, Presentation, Drawing, Spreadsheets
Google Calendar
Digital Portfolios- using Google Sites
Web 2.0
Google Hangouts
iMovie- movie creation and movie editing
iPhoto- slideshows, albums, photo editing
GarageBand- doing podcast
Screen recordings
Mac Applications
Google +
iPad Applications

I am willing to help in planning, teaching, or just being an extra set hands in your classroom when you are using technology in your classrooms. I will attach my calendar so you can see when I'm available. I will also provide a link to my email so you can contact me an set up a time to get together.

Kilburn Calendar

Kilburn Email

Wednesday, November 6, 2013


One of the biggest complaints I hear about Google documents is that it doesn't look or provide enough professional looking templates like Microsoft Word. In my opinion Google has addressed this issue and solved it with the new option of adding Lucidpress to your Google Drive account. Lucidpress provides professional looking templates to use for newsletters, invitations, presentations, flyers, and more. If you haven't checked it out yet, here's your chance. Click on the link and see what Lucidpress has to offer.

You will notice that you may use your google account to sign into Lucidpress and you may give it permission to embed into your Google drive account and it will then be a choice under your create button. You will also notice when you install Lucidpress into your Google drive it will automatically create a folder with all your Lucidpress documents in it. Lucidpress has many options for sharing your finished products as well it allows the end user to share to Google+, Twitter, and Facebook. I found Lucidpress to be easy to use and my finished product looked very professional. Take a look at an invitation I quickly created for an example.
Example Invitation