Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Integrating Technology using the Holidays for a theme

I thought I'd share some ideas of how to integrate technology into your classrooms and yet use the holidays as your theme. This time of year is crazy, the students are excited about the holidays and sometimes hard to get focused. Teachers know they need to be on their "A" game to keep their students engaged. I know if you make your lessons relevant and interactive students tend to be more engaged. Here are some suggestions for using technology along with the holiday theme for the different grade levels.

Preschool- Kindergarten- Chocolapps sas offers interactive storybooks for students to follow along with while the story is read to them. Currently they have an interactive storybook for free entitled the "Christmas Eve".

1st- 2nd Grade- http://interactivesites.weebly.com/christmas.html This is great site that has mostly math activities at varieties of levels for students to practice math facts, number concepts, place value, and many more concepts. It has a holiday theme to use so the students can help Santa, build a Snowman, or even spin a dreidel.

3rd- 4th Grade- http://www.northpole.com/ This site has interactive activities for students, teachers, and parents. The activity I'd like to highlight is the ability to write Santa a letter and students getting a response letter in return from "Santa". Teachers will have to create an account so students may access but it was rather easy to create accounts and students were issued usernames and password generated by the computer quite quickly. I recommend this activity, we need to get students writing whenever we can. This will promote students to create a letter in proper format, assist the students with formal writing structure and grammar, along with students love to receive a letter from "Santa" in response to their letter.

5th- 6th Grade- http://www.coolmath.com/ This site has a variety of math activities/games on many different math concepts. It is providing a link to holiday games and puzzles that cover science and math concepts. I explored the "Christmas Tree Game" if you are teaching electricity in science or spatial relationships in math this would be a great activity to provide background or practice on these concepts. There are a variety of games to choose from provided on the site to enhance your classroom instruction.

7th- 8th Grade- Have students create iMovie about the significance of the holidays. I'll attach directions on how to use iMovie.

9th- 10th Grade-You could use Microsoft Word or Lucid Press to get some decorative templates for letter writing. Partner with an Elementary class and have students respond to Elementary Santa letters for an activity to teach formal letter writing.

11th- 12th Grade- Create a website (informational site on different holidays) or blog where students write about their personal experiences with the holidays.