Friday, February 28, 2014

Reflection on Digital Learning Day

February 5, 2014 was Digital Learning Day. We experienced a snow day on this day so we were unable to celebrate this day and pledge to be positive Digital Learners. With that in mind, let's be honest Digital Learning should and is taking place each day in our classrooms. Along with teaching students about appropriate use of digital tools, we need to remind students of the Digital Learning Day pledge. Please feel free to share with your students the pledge and have a discussion about the key components of a digital citizen.

It is always a good reminder to discuss appropriate use of digital tools, but let's remember digital learning day is about learning with digital tools or programs. I have highlighted many times some of the cool digital tools being used in our classrooms here at Muscatine Community Schools. Here are some digital tools that assist with learning that I have given tutorials on.
They've included:
1. Prezi
2. Edmodo
3. Twitter
4. iPad Applications for the Elementary Teacher
5. Google Forms
6. Book Share
7. Google + features
8. Blogs/ Wiki's
9. Google Drive Organization/ Features
10. Lucid Chart/ Chrome Applications
11. Image Editing
12. iMovie
If you have used one of these tools or are using another digital tool in your classroom, please feel free to comment to this post. I would love to hear what you are using and how. I am always trying to learn about new tools and how they assist in your classrooms with instruction or learning.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Digital Learning Day

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility- FDR

In honor of Digital Learning Day on February 5, 2014 we will be promoting appropriate use of technology among all users.

In this digital age, we are faced with great power or opportunity to access information in seconds. We can google anything, ask Siri, or explore content from all over the world. We have access at our finger tips to get information immediately from simple questions like what was Gilligan's full name to taking an online Harvard law class. With this access however does come great responsibility, people are faced with the opportunity to participate in unlawful or inappropriate activity using technology. We, as educators, feel we need to teach students how to appropriately use the technology. The world is fast paced and ever changing but appropriate use is pretty simple if you follow some simple appropriate use guidelines. They include:

Communicate Responsibly and Kindly with One Another

Protect Our Own and Others’ Private Information Online

Stand Up to Cyberbullying

Respect Each Other’s Ideas and Opinions

Give Proper Credit When We Use Others’ Work

We as educators ask that all technology users follow these guidelines and pledge to do so, this Wednesday, February 5, 2014. What does Digital Learning Day mean to you, it means you will pledge to use technology appropriately every time you use it and on this day you recognize and promote appropriate use among all users.