Thursday, March 13, 2014

Technology tools that will assist students and teachers with writing a research paper

Attention: Teachers and Students

I want to highlight some great tools to use when writing a research paper. As teachers and students we are constantly asked to write research papers. Teachers it may be for research on best teaching practices or excellent resources to use.  Students have to write papers for almost all subject areas. When faced with these tasks here are some great resources to use. For starters the research tool within Google Documents is very helpful. Please watch the attached video on the use of the research tool.

This research tool is very helpful when using internet/websites for your research but does not help you with journal articles or books as resources. Well luckily Google just enable a feature to have add-ons with Google Drive. You will notice a new tab on the toolbar that is labeled add-ons. Within add-ons you may add specific add-ons to your liking. I suggest you add the easybib add-on. It allows the end user to put in any type of resource(book, website, or journal article) and it will give the option to site the resource as a reference in APA, MLA, or Chicago formatting.


  1. Great post Jackie! I will direct my kids to this idea for sure. I noticed this in GoogleDrive and hadn't had a chance to explore it yet.


  2. What do you think about the other add-ons within Google Drive now?

  3. There are some excellent add-ons available. I recently just read a tweet from a respected educator highlighting the best add-ons. I'll share it with you.