Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Edmodo Snapshot

Edmodo now offers a new application built within the Edmodo interface called Snapshot. This application allows the classroom teacher to assess students on the common core standards in ELA and math grades 3-12. Once the students have been assessed on the common core standards (4 questions per standard) the application will evaluate their individual proficiencies. If the students score below proficiency the application will provide lessons and/or games to the students to help bring students to proficiency on the individual common core standards. The teacher may select which standards they would like to be assessed by easily selecting the standards in the "create a Snapshop" application. The set up is pretty easy to use, if you have previously used Edmodo, you will be familiar with creating a group within the application and then selecting the group you would like to be assess. When creating groups teachers tend to create groups that match their individual classes. Once you have selected the group, the teacher may create a Snapshot (assessment of standards the teacher has selected) that will assign the students a Snapshot on their home screens with in Edmodo interface. Students will see that they have been asked to complete a Snapshot. Students will complete the Snapshot and then teachers will get real time feedback on how the students performed on the Snapshot. After students complete the Snapshot, Edmodo will display in the reports tab the students who were proficient, below proficiency, and way below proficiency. The program will suggest lessons and/or games to help the student build the concepts of the standards that are being addressed. The teacher then may choose to assign these lessons and/or games to the individual students. This is a really great tool to use when teaching to the standards. I hope you will check it out. If you would like more information, Please feel free to explore more about this Edmodo Application at the following website. https://snapshot.edmodo.com/landing#core . If you would like more information on the application from me, your friendly Instructional Coach of Technology, please feel free to contact me. You may contact me via coach request or by email jacqueline.kilburn@mcsdonline.org