Thursday, November 13, 2014

Google Classroom

I believe I have blogged about Google Classroom once before, but I think I need to make staff aware of it's features once again. Google classroom is very easy to use and is integrated with Google Applications. Setting up Google Classroom is very easy and getting students enrolled is easy as well. Like Edmodo you may send out a code and students may subscribe to the class, or with Google Classroom student names are already populated from Google Applications so you can directly add them to your classes. Here is a quick video on how to get started with Google Classroom.
As you see, set up and management with Google Classroom is seamless and very user friendly. Since I started as the technology integrationist the number one complaint I receive about using Google Drive is it hard to stay organized and keep track of what has been graded and reviewed. Google Classroom does the organization for you and allows the teacher and students to have one central location for their classes to have access to projects, worksheets, videos, and much more. Please check out Google Classroom and how it can assist you!