Friday, December 12, 2014

CAFE' iPad Applications to use in Early Childhood along with iPad Settings to assist you in your instruction!

I am attaching a document with a list of iPad applications aligned to CAFE' strategies, Daily 5 integration, and Iowa Standards. I think you will find these very useful in your early childhood instruction. I also included some helpful resources on managing you iPad with students and how to effectively search for new iPad applications to enhance your curriculum. Make sure you check out the section on Guided Access which will allow you to set the iPad to only run one application. I provide the instruction to set this up. You will no longer have to worry about the students not using the iPad in a non-productive way. On the last note, Brian Brock recently shared an application with me called AirServer which will allow you to mirror any IOS device to your computer screen just like Apple TV. I have been using it when presenting to flip from computer screen to my iPhone or iPad easily without having to switch dongles or wires. AirServer is available at this link for $12. Check it out! To end may I say, I am so lucky to get to share my learning with all of you! We have the best staff in MCSD!